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Subscription and payment
How much does the online course cost?
How do I subscribe to an online course?
What are the methods of payment for the online courses?
Can veterinary medicine students buy and attend the online courses?
Can I ask for a refund?
Platform and online courses usability
Can I transfer my credentials to someone else?
Can I watch the videos on multiple devices?
Can I download the videos?
Do Unisvet members get free access to online courses?
How long does the course last?
Once I bought the online course, can I watch the video-lessons several times and whenever I want?
Why can't I skip a part of the video?
Can I use Internet Explorer?
How do I know if I've finished watching a video?
Can I buy just one or more modules of the course without paying the entire fee subscription?
Credits (for Italian users only)
How many SPC credits will I receive for the online course?
I have finished watching all videos several days ago. When will I receive the expected SPC credits?